The vinta is a traditional outrigger boat from the Philippine island of Mindanao. Vinta are characterized by their colorful rectangular lug sails which resemble the gaping mouth of a crocodile. Vinta are used as fishing vessels, cargo ships, and houseboats. over the years, this has become the most prominent symbol of zamboanga city and used as the primary decoration for local festivities.
Villa Zamboangueña is a reimagination of a symbol and modernizing an icon. This group of luxurious resort villas, inspired by the vacation spots in the French Polynesia, features the iconic Vinta sails of Zamboanga and is structured like the houses on stilts of the indigenous people of the city, who are dubbed as the people of the sea. Modernized and displayed in a way that looks like elegant floating boats from afar, this will be placed in a scenic beach. With its spacious interior that provides the luxury of comfortability and class, and a uniquely-shaped infinity pool, this would be a must-visit destination.
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