The memorial marker built in honor of the hero dog, Kabang, who severely injured herself when saving the lives of two crossing children, will serve as her final resting place and features a 400kg solid aluminum statue of the beloved canine. The modern pedestal bearing the statue pays homage to the "humility" of stray dogs in our country.
The simplistic shape and form reflect their modest nature and at the same time, exhibit stability as they are the most common dog breed that Filipinos can rely on. The split in the center displays contemporary elements of the Vinta sail that evokes Zamboanga, where Kabang is from. It also represents the pride that the heroism of Kabang brought to the hearts of the Filipinos, especially the Zamboangueños. 
The memorial marker is the first of its kind in the Philippines and yearns to inspire appreciation and increase awareness to the significance of dogs in our country. Kabang is Zamboanga City Ambassadog of Goodwill for responsible pet ownership and a global advocate for animal welfare.
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