Toronto, Canada
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A registered and licensed architect from the Philippines with a post-graduate degree in Design Management from George Brown College in Toronto, Canada. Highly proficient in architectural planning and designing using various software. Taught and trained to be adept at collaborating with others and possess strong leadership abilities that enables to motivate team members to achieve shared goals. Additionally, I am capable of working autonomously to accomplish individual tasks and responsibilities.

5 years of private practice and multiple internship experiences includes creating project designs, blueprints, construction documents, renderings, and conceptual plans, as well as assisting in the research and coordination of materials and products for project specifications. Additionally, I have a solid foundation in office management and general office clerk duties, allowing me to provide assistance in managing office personnel. All of these contributes to confidence I have that my technical skills, combined with my work experience, will allow me to excel in any architectural, design, or design management role.

Zamboanga City, known as Asia's Latin City, is a large and diverse city located in the southwest of the Philippines. Its unique blend of cultures, traditions, and architecture reflects its deep Spanish influence, evident in the cuisine, language, and way of life of its citizens. As an architect, I am passionate about preserving and modernizing this cultural heritage through my work.

Growing up in Zamboanga City, I have always been fascinated by the city's rich history and unique cultural identity. The diverse range of indigenous tribes, ethnicity, religion, and architecture all living in harmony is a testament to the city's inclusive and welcoming nature.

As I embarked on my career in architecture, I wanted to create spaces that not only celebrated the city's cultural heritage but also adapted to the needs of the present and future generations. My goal is to blend traditional elements with modern design to create spaces that are functional, beautiful, and sustainable.

In this portfolio, I highlight a range of projects, both conceptual and realized, that showcase my approach to architecture in Zamboanga City. Each project is inspired by the city's unique character and reflects my commitment to preserving and modernizing our cultural heritage. I hope that through my work, I can inspire others to appreciate and embrace the beauty and diversity of our city. Also, included are some projects I did during my time studying Design Management at George Brown College School of Design in Toronto, Canada which helped my develop my skills further and helped me discover my capabilities.
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