Novarise is a conceptual proposal that shows a sustainable and self-sufficient lineat city concept developed by my team, with me as the facilitator, during my studies at George Brown College School of Design in Toronto, Canada as part of a sustainability charrette hosted by Brookfield Sustainability Institue. It is part of the waterfront rehabilitation efforts which focuses on creating environmental and social infrastructure that future-proofs while optimizing form and function to serve multiple uses.
The area is divided into two parts with the northern area for multi-use infrastructure and mixed-use facilities such as residential, commercial, and institutional buildings while the southern part provides open spaces. Aesthetically, the design is inspired by a greenhouse with multi-use towers that mimic the structure of a greenhouse for growing crops inside.
The implementation of sustainable practices improves the economic prosperity of citizens and the government. The area is a low-lying reclaimed area and with the help of advanced sensors powered by AI, the whole complex would automatically rise as the water levels rise. This would be possible with extendable hydraulic columns installed beneath the city.
A charrette is a collaborative and creative process that brings together diverse groups of students, professionals, and community stakeholders over an intense period of brainstorming Design charrettes promote inclusive, co-creative environments that bring people together to imagine, plan, and implement a collective future.
Participants are encouraged to tackle problems using design thinking methodologies and collaborative design practice, gaining new perspectives that can generate innovative concepts Teams will develop concepts over the course of 5 days. The days are structured as follows.
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